Business insurance, also known as commercial insurance, is as unique as your business. When it comes to business insurance, we can help you tailor a policy that is right for you.

As a business owner, you want to protect your business and employees against scenarios including:

  • Physical damage to your property including: fire, vandalism, flooding and theft
  • Business interruption due to an unforeseen circumstance so you can still collect your income after a disaster
  • Accidental injury to customers or supplies at your store or office
  • Product liability if there is injury caused by the product you create or sell

If you’re ready to discuss commercial insurance to protect the bottom line of your business, give us a call. Our Brokers can review your business and design a business insurance policy that fits your needs.

Risks your business may face:


If you are a bricks and motor business property damage can be a major concern for you. Vandalism, fire, flood and theft are all areas that your business can be damaged where your business will need to close it’s doors for an extended period of time. With the proper business insurance policy put in place you can have peace of mind knowing if an unseen situation arises you are covered and will receive the financial help you need to get through extremely difficult time.


A CGL policy can help with losses when your business is responsible for the injury of a 3rd party person. This can happen on or off your property.  For example, if a customer is walking up steps to your business location, and they slip and fall, they now have the legal right to file a lawsuit against your business for injuries they may have sustained.

It is essential to ensure you are protected from this type of liability.  Bodily injury liability assumes that negligence may have taken place for this injury to happen. Keep in mind this does not mean the negligence has to come directly from your place of business. If a person is solely responsible for their injuries on your property, they still have the legal right in Ontario to file a liability claim against you. For example, if there was nothing wrong with the stairs into your business, and a customer still managed to trip, you may still face legal action. A business insurance policy that protects you from this type of accident is crucial for your people of mind.

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    Wes and Joanna were highly recommended by our close friends and a co-worker. Robert (Paquin?) is the broker we worked with and he was awesome! Very knowledgeable and saved us a lot of money, we will definitely refer anyone needing insurance to them! tks again.

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    More then efficient on any issues I've encountered...

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    Robert went above and beyond for us! He worked around our schedule and got us incredibly low rates. He took the time to go over our policies thoroughly and ensured we had coverage we actually needed. Highly recommend!

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    Been dealing with Mark Mcbain for 5 years now, always been an easy and quick experience getting my auto and home insurance dialled in. Would recommend him to any one that is shopping around.

    Liability, property, and worker's compensation would be the most common types of business insurance.

    Your commercial insurance policy covers your business in the event of an accidental fire. You also might like to add a business interruption service to your policy as well. This provided financial compensation if your business closes its doors for any period.

    Also known as professional liability insurance. This is an additional level of protection that covers you at a higher level. This can come in to play for litigations, misrepresentation, or breach of professional services.

    Flood protection, as well as back-up sewage coverage, is highly advised to have on your policy. Your Sudbury Insurance Broker at United Link will explain these details to you and the amount you would be covered.

    Your insurance brokers' job is to find you the best rate. At United Link, our brokers have access to many insurance companies located in Canada. Contact us today and let us work for you.

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